Focus on the Hands and Wrists

  • In general, people complain about wrist problems. So, let’s practice yoga with awareness and good alignment to preserve our wrists.
  • Nowadays, we barely put weight on our hands and wrists. We rarely use our hands in their full potential, which might bring you grief once you use them. In yoga, most of the time, our wrists are in full extension (i.e., 90 degree angle) and we bear important weight on it throughout the practice.
  • The wrist is a joint made of multiple small bones, knitted together with ligaments, and tendons connecting the forearm muscles to the fingers allowing a fine dexterity in their movements. Therefore, the wrist is quite delicate.
  • Since our fingers have multiple muscles, we should distribute the pressure exerted on our wrists by rooting down our hands through the very top of our fingers.
  • Here is how you should align your hands on the floor: place your hands on the floor, slightly wider than your shoulders. Spread your fingers wide. Bring your index fingers parallel to each other. Then, root down through your hands as you push the floor away from your body (you literally draw from the floor up into your shoulders).
  • To avoid wrist pain, you can slide your hands in front of your shoulders so that your wrists are not in full extension. Otherwise, you can stay on your fingertips by lifting your palms off the floor. This is much more challenging, but this is a good way to distribute the pressure up the arm, allowing the pose to become much more comfortable!