Apply your yoga practice to your life

Integrate the yoga tips to your daily life. For instance, we have the tendency to round our back when staring at the computer or resting in our couch, which is really bad for our back. Remind yourself to stand or sit tall as much as possible at the office/desk.

Practice with awareness!

You are responsible for your body, so be aware of what your body is capable of doing, don’t force it. This is what we call “practicing with awareness”. Yoga is not about performance. It is about safety instead. There is no judgment about others or yourself. We all have our weak points. Believe me or not, mine are flexibility and abs! I have been working for years to improve my flexibility and strength. I still struggle in every stretching pose, and abs exercises are not my favourite ones!  Just do what you are able to do today. Tomorrow is another day. No rush. Your flexibility and strength will improve someday, but it requires patience and effort. Apply the tips of yoga to your daily life, and the result will be visible quicker than expected!