Mountain pose – Tadasana


Tada = Mountain

This Asana (= pose) is part of the traditional Sun Saluations.


Tadasana is often used as a starting/finishing pose of a sequence. It helps to improve the posture and strengthens the thighs (recommended for sciatica).


  • Stand up straight, arms hanging beside your torso, palms facing toward;
  • Widen your collarbones. Shoulderblades slide down your back;
  • Feet hips distance apart (or feet together, big toes touching), lift your toes, and widely spread them. Then, gently drop them down to the floor to create a solid base (balance your weight equally on both feet);
  • Contract your thighs and knees muscles. Slightly rotate your thighs inward to widen your sitting bones;
  • Tuck your tailbone in and firm your abdomen;
  • Lengthen your neck, relax your throat.