There  is no official Sanskrit name for Plank.

This Asana (= pose) is part of the traditional Sun Saluation.


The Plank strengthens and tones your abdomen, arms, wrists, and spine.


  • Start in Downdog;
  • Inhale, draw your torso toward until your shoulders are right above your wrists;
  • Hands pressing onto the floor, fingers widely spread;
  • Tailbone tucked, hold your belly in to protect your lower back;
  • Head in a straight line with your spine, broaden your shoulderblades;
  • Legs are straight and strong;
  • Maintain smooth breathing.

Variation for beginners

If you are not ready to support yourselft in Plank, you may lower down your knees on the floor in Plank pose. Keep your tailbone tucked and upper back puffed.