Four-Limbed Staff pose – Chaturanga Dandasana


Chatur = Four; Anga = Limb; Danda = Staff


This Asana (= pose) is part of the traditional Sun Saluation. The Chaturanga strengthens and tones your abdomen, arms, wrists, and spine.


  • Begin in Plank pose
  • Shift your torso slighlty forward so that your shoulders go beyond your wrists
  • As you exhale, slowly lower down your torso till your arms are forming a 90 degrees angle. Keep your elbows in by your side.
  • Keep tucking your tailbone under and keep your belly active
  • Legs are engaged and slightly turned inward
  • Maintain smooth breathing.

Variation for beginners

If you are not ready to support yourselft in Chaturanga, you may lower down your knees on the floor in Plank pose. With an exhalation, lower down your torso to reach 90 degrees angle in your bent arms, and keep your legs, belly, arms actively engaged.